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Thanks for helping me to streamline my website in preparation for all the new and exciting offerings that are coming soon. Your words of wisdom were just what I needed to help make my website more user-friendly.

Jay Fields
Grace & Grit Yoga
Ojai, California

Your guidance and expertise assisted me tremendously. Your coaching skills helped me clarify my vision and create an overall marketing plan, then implement the action steps to manifest it. Your experience ensures an efficient, effective use of strategies to support your clients.

Becky Durango
Recording Artist / Songwriter,
Licensed Spiritual Counselor, and
Inspirational Speaker

Thank you for creating such a beautiful and professional website for me. You were faithful to my vision of the site, while using your expertise to bring it to life. I received many compliments on the photo tour you designed, not to mention, it helped me sell my house!

Martha Sperry
Home Renovation
and Real Estate Sales
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For the latest articles and money- making tips, sign up for the free Good Cause Marketing Newsletter.

Mission Statement: Good Cause Marketing is dedicated to empowering people and businesses that make a contribution to the world through their products and services.

Good Cause Marketing Portfolio

Click here to see this web site.KAUAI INTERNET MARKETING GROUP

Kauai businesses and organizations, Anahola, Hawaii
Our services: Marketing Strategy, Copywriting, Event Promotion
GCM directs the Kauai Internet Marketing Group, co-sponsored by the SBDC and Kauai Community College, offering monthly trainings. Our Press Release generated an article for the Spirit of the Earth Farm. Our support for the Dolphin Appreciation Society of Kauai on Facebook helped a dolphin-love campaign secure 1000 signatures.

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Click here to see this web site.MATZKIN STUDIO

Alice and Richard Matzkin, Ojai, California
Artists, authors
Our services: Website redesign, Marketing Strategy, Copywriting, SEO
Art and Aging Activists Alice and Richard Matzkin received a website redesign to promote their book, calendar, and documentary DVD.

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Click here to see this web site.ALICIA BONNET

Alicia Bonnet, Ashland, Oregon
Musician, author, ceremonialist
Our services: Website redesign, Marketing Strategy, Copyediting
We redesigned the site to meet the needs of Alicia's multiple businesses, selling books, CDs and a variety of services.

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Click here to see this web site.ABSOULUTE HEALTH

Shellee Rae, Ashland, Oregon
Reiki Master, NCTMB
Our services: Website design, Graphic design
Shellee wanted a more professional look to promote her new book and its attendant press coverage, along with her products and services.

View website  [Compare to her old site]

Click here to see this web site.PHOTO TOUR OF HOUSE FOR SALE

Martha Sperry, Ashland, Oregon
Home Renovation and Real Estate Sales
Our services: Web Design, Web Mastering
Millions of house-hunters now tour online, before deciding whether or not to visit a home in person.

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Click here to see this web site.ECO POWER SYSTEMS

John Berry, Ojai, California
Agricultural machinery designer
Our Services: New Website, Publicity and Online and Email Campaigns
Our press release appeared in the most respected industry publications - in print, online, and on Twitter. Our new website captured top Google ranking for business keywords.

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Click here to see this web site.LIGHT-HEARTEDNESS NEWSLETTER

Kari Joys, Spokane, Washington
Director, Center for Creative Change; Author
Our services: Marketing Strategy, Copyediting, Web Design
Newsletters sell products and services, encourage new and repeat clients, attract organic web-hits, add to email lists and build credibility.

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Click here to see this web site.AMALEAH BRIGITTE LEINENBACH

Amaleah Brigitte Leinenbach,
Ashland, Oregon
Feldenkrais Method Practitioner
Our services: Website Design, Graphic Design
Amaleah wanted a simple, yet professional, site where she could send potential clients so they could learn about her quickly and easily.

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Click here to see this web site.HUMBOLDT PLAN IT GREEN

Steven Salzberg, Arcata, California
Executive Director, Humboldt Plan It Green
Our services: Strategy, Website Design, Copywriting, Event Promotion
Humboldt Plan It Green provides education and events related to green business develpment and environmentally sustainable development. The annual free conference attracts 1000 attendees to the trade show/expo.

View website

Click here to see this web site.JOURNEY INTO DREAMLAND

Bill Storey, Ashland, Oregon
Author, Special Educator
Our services: Website redesign, Integrated Marketing Strategy, Copyediting, Book Production
Bill wanted a site with video, graphics, bios and sales links to promote his book on helping fearful children get to sleep.

View website

Click here to see this web site.ROSEWOOD INSTITUTE

Joel Turgesen, M.A., Medford, Oregon
Mental Health Professional Association
Our services: Web design, Copyediting, Web Mastering, Search Engine Optimization
This site offers all the associates a chance to present their services in a unified format.

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Click here to see this web site.DAKINI ROSE

Rosita Wandella, Vashon, Washington and Los Angeles, California
Performance Artist
Our services: Copywriting, Web Design, Web Mastering
The challenge here was to showcase this multi-talented performer. New pages and content are being added continuously.

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Click here to see this web site.TEACH CARTOONING

Robert Gluckson, Ojai, California
Author, Educator
Our services: An integrated marketing strategy including a blog, social media campaign, and website
The website and strategy were built around promoting Robert's book, Fast and Easy Cartooning for Fun!

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Click here to see this web site.CREATE VITAL HEALTH NEWSLETTER

Jim Jordan, J.D., C.N.C.,
Ashland, Oregon
Certified Nutritional Consultant
Our services: Marketing Strategy, Copyediting, Web Design
Newsletters sell new products, encourage new and repeat clients, attract organic web-hits, add to email lists and build credibility.

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Click here to see this web site.LAUGHTER YOGA INSTITUTE

Jeffrey Briar, Laguna Beach, California
Director, Laughter Yoga Institute
Our services: Website Redesign, Copywriting, Strategic Marketing
Jeffrey wanted the site to communicate the joyful spirit of Laughter Yoga yet represent his work in a serious and professional manner.

Click here to see this web site.UNCLE SAM UNIVERSITY

Bob Campbell, Medford, Oregon
Documentary Film Distribution Company
Our services: Web design, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Web Mastering
The owners chose to put the site online, prior to completion, as a sales tool to attract venture capital.

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Click here to see this web site.MANDALA HEARTWORKS

Lyn Wandell, Ojai, California
Artist and Graphic Designer
Our services: Graphic Design, Photography, Web Design, Illustration
Lyn's mandala paintings on rocks are showcased in this art portfolio.

Click here to see a larger view of this book cover.BOOK DESIGN, EDITING AND PROMOTION

Ruthe Busch Gluckson, Laguna, California
Our services: Book Editing and Design, Placement on, Web Marketing

Click here to see a larger view of this book cover.BOOK DEVELOPMENT

Youth Educational Services, Arcata, California
Non-Profit Organization, Humboldt State University
Our services: Co-design, Promotion
A Taste of Humboldt (a cookbook) netted $50,000 for student scholarships.

Click here to see a larger view of this book cover.BOOK DESIGN

Peter Melton, Ashland, Oregon
Our services: Book Design, Copyediting, Back Cover Copy and Design
This spiritual children's book has already sold out its first edition.


Dr. Deb Brooks
Ojai, California
Ojai Chiropractor
Our services: Article-writing Training to develop an article about her full-body chiropractic approach.

Cardinali Brothers Music
Ojai, California
Musical instrument sales
Our services: Web Content Development for improved SEO.

Amanda Crawford Designs
Book Buddy reader tools
Our services: Site Update with new products and new copy.

Doyle's Auto Service in Ojai
Ojai, California
Auto Repair and Maintenance
Our Services: Create a new website, SEO, and marketing plan.

Laurie Edgecomb, L.Ac.
Ojai, California
Our services: Website Development and Copyediting.

Dulanie Ellis
Ground Operations, a documentary film about the veterans-to-farmers movement, targets vet organizations, the slow-food and organic farm movements.
Our services: marketing strategy, SEO, and web content development.

Fatah Evans, D.C.
Ojai, California
Integrated Wellness Care
Our Services: Create a new website, SEO, and marketing plan.

Jay Fields
Ojai, California
Yoga Teacher and Writer
Our services: Website review to improve clarity and Search Engine ranking; integrated marketing strategy to promote Jay's teaching, online sales, and mentoring.

John Griffin
Ojai, California
Author of Visitants
Our services: Book Production and Website Redesign.

Nancy Gross
Ojai, California
The Ojai Bubble magazine
Our services: Web Marketing, Magazine Design Training.

HuMandalas / Daniel Levy
Conscious Collective Movement Workshops
Our Services: Website content review, marketing and copywriting support for proposals and workshop description.

Lanny Kaufer
Ojai, California
Herb Walk Leader
Our services: Business Strategy to develop multiple streams of income; Publicity for sold-out herb identification hikes.

Sharmila Mali
Ojai, California
Reiki Master
Our services: E-letter campaign to develop more repeat clients.

Meiners Oaks Business and Artists Association
Meiners Oaks, California
Volunteer support: Social Media Marketing Campaign for members.

River Lisa Sauvageau
Ojai, California
Handcrafted fabric bags
Our services: Marketing and Coaching to expand her business to include consulting and custom design in Ojai and online.

Albert Schmaedick
Big Island, Hawaii
Lisu Hill Tribe of Northern Thailand
Our services: Diagnosis and repair of major website problems; print ad layout.

Small Business Development Center
Ventura County
Part of the Economic Development Collaborative
Our services: A six month contract enabled us to provide free consulting and training for many new clients.

Khabir Southwick
Ojai, California
Nutrition Educator
Our services: Web Design for articles page improved SEO; Publicity Training resulted in free publicity for his talks.

Transition to Organics - Ojai
Ojai, California
Resources and support for ranchers and growers
Our services: Goal setting, publicity, and fundraising.

Dr. Johanna Zee
Ojai, California
Dr. Natural Hygiene, Holistic Nurse Specialist
Our services: Marketing strategy and website update, copywriting, SEO, and webmastering.

Aaron Zweig
Ojai, California
Somatic Therapist
Our services: Copywriting and Coaching to expand his bodywork practice to include somatic therapy and workshops.

Training and Workshops at Ojai Retreat
Ojai, California
Marketing for Writers, Artists, and Musicians
Our services: Marketing for Writers, Artists, and Musicians: Monthly training and workshops.

Ashland Ayurveda
Phoenix, Oregon
Healing and Education Center
Our services: Webmastering, Design, Copywriting
Timely revisions keep their business information current.

Nancy Bloom
Ashland, Oregon
Counselor and Recording Artist
Our services: Web Mastering
When Nancy needs updates or troubleshooting for her website, she gives us a call.

DomeGuys International
Ashland, Oregon
Dome sales and rentals
Our services: Internet marketing strategy and website SEO design.

Becky Durango
Ashland, Oregon
Recording Artist/Songwriter, Licensed Spiritual Counselor,
Inspirational Speaker
Our services: Marketing, Web Analysis, Search Engine Optimization
Our Website Critique and Search Engine Optimization provided a base for Becky to share her New Thought music ministry, spiritual counseling and 12-step support. Marketing support included an e-mail campaign to 13,000 recipients and resulted in CD sales, on-line radio interest, interviews, and performance offers.

James Jordan, C.N.C., J.D.
Ashland, Oregon
Nutrition Consultant
Our services: Marketing, Publicity, Web Analysis, Search Engine Optimization
James's rewritten and redesigned website now incorporates SEO and good design principles.

Michael McEvoy
Chicago, Illinois
Yoga Instructor and Nutritional Guidance
Our services: Website Analysis, Search Engine Optimization
With the implementation of our suggestions, the site now attracts more visitors who stay longer and respond to a sense of greater credibility.

Self and Soul Retreat Center
Talent, Oregon
Healing Sanctuary, Training, and Retreat
Our services: Webmastering, Password Protected Audio, Photo Galleries

Robyn Smith, Inner Freedom Yoga
Arcata, California
Yoga classes, therapy, workshops and retreats
Our services: Co-creating an Integrated Marketing Strategy including Visioning, goal-setting, and website and brochure re-design.

Unity of Ashland and Rev. Norma Burton
Ashland, Oregon
Minister, Author, and Shamanic Trainer
Our services: Writing, Web Design, Marketing
The author is developing her marketing plan while designing her website, which will attract book-buyers and students for her workshops.

Nancy Walsch
Ashland, Oregon
Hypnotherapist and CD creator
Our services: Strategic Marketing, Copywriting, Webmastering
Nancy is applying strategic marketing to refocus and update her internet presence and develop new products.

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